womens wigs wearing a long time, make it look impulsive impatient, how should we care?

Wig care:

1, before cleaning

To the wig before cleaning, the best first take care of it, making it more straight. Some can use special womens wigs  Shu (as far as possible not to use plastic comb, so as not to hang up the hair.) from the top down and gently comb, so the dirt in the wig in the dust dredging down, ensure it clean.

2, water temperature

When the temperature of the water to use womens wigs  are required, the water temperature is not too high, warm water is more appropriate (20 degrees is appropriate, but not higher than 25 degrees oh) or cold water. In order to better care of wigs, can be dissolved in water acidic. Some nursing liquid

3, soaking, cleaning

Let the womens wigs  in the water the best time for 10 minutes, so you can achieve a good cleaning effect. Then, you can gently rinse it, wash it with some shampoo, hair conditioner is better.

4, dry

After washing, the first drops of water in the wig off gently, then clean soft towel dry residual moisture. Methods for washed  womens wigs hair suggest not to use the hair dryer, high temperature wind blowing (if it is cold, you can), so as to avoid hair shedding. Finally, put it in the shade ventilated place, avoid sun exposure to high temperature damage it.

5, washing should not comb

It’s a good idea to comb the comb immediately after it has been cleaned, and it’s a good way to get rid of it