This year’s hottest paula young wigs hairstyle is no doubt good-looking short hair

If the hair to make a summary of words, weave would only say that the hair is still the most fire paulayoungwigs hair, and next year will still fire, so today to give you a few nice short hair style, to anything you for you. A variety of short hair style variety, but now the woman have their own ideas, not necessarily know complex personality is beautiful, simple and fresh hair and beauty can be super super good, but the daily care is more simple and convenient, let’s look at these beautiful hair da.

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Thin oblique bangs collocation level short, simple good. Only through different gradient pruning, let the other looks more fluffy layering, paulayoungwigs hair micro volume to add other personality charm. The other is not only popular now, the new year does not seem that out. oblique Liu sea wave head micro hot design makes the other variable fluffy, not only increase the fashion degree, but also in the visual Xiu Yan face, short hair. Bob is Bang Bang Da design plus brown skin girl let Hair Coloring brighten a few degrees, let the girl change perfectly.

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This hair is through different gradient design more personality charm, thin oblique bangs and temples not only repair Yan face lift role, also can let a woman looks like a woman. In the first wave modeling by using inner buckle withholding tail and oblique bangs modified face with, let the girl have instant face. And this short wave shape is the girl who try to short of choice, relatively simple and not too exaggerated, but not so hard to control.

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In addition to Liu Haichu oblique modified face asymmetry, can also increase the sense of mystery girl, more personality charm, the top layer of the hair perm and slightly disrupted for other add fashion personality. Dark brown paulayoungwigs hair curly wigs design allows more atmosphere, red lips look collocation fried chicken powder lip charm. If collocation the makeup will become very fresh. So how could all-match the other woman does not love?