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Not only to show thin temperament is the highest pursuit of hair men’s wigs

Round buns face girls when choosing hairstyle will choose more show thin face hair, today editor to tell you what to see in this world do yen value, has been far from enough! Want to show thin face is not difficult, the difficulty in the face I also have their own unique the charm and temperament style, well chosen as the buns face awl face down. Both long hair men’s wigs  curly hair straight hair, make appropriate pruning according to their face, thin face is actually very simple, and also how to create temperament? Come today to introduce these 8 buns face hairstyle.

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This type of hair curling into a trace of electric wave, with a little messy fluffy light brings a sense of flying feeling, weakened the buns face sensuality is a hearty, personality and temperament are available. Close to the hair on both sides face narrow proportions of the face, the facial hair was cut into different length and bend to both sides volume, rich sense of hierarchy, novelty and cute. A soft power into the big wave curl, texture and 46 bangs copious and fluent, can lengthen facial proportions, fluffy curls men’s wigs people even more lovely atmosphere.

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This hair hang down feeling full, clear vertical lines on both sides of the both is actually visualcan narrowed the width of the face, the tail gently roll outward, bring mature intellectual charm for you. The straight hair men’s wigs hair gently inward, bright spot is the fringe part of 46 fringe length and cheek naturally, can play a slimming effect, make the hair light not cumbersome. Chocolate color sweet and romantic, vertical hair supple, can close down face contour, the tail slightly curled inward, sideways bangs with thick, give people a sweet feeling.

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Steamed face and pear head simply standard, inward bending of hair silk fluffy, put the Buddha in the vision will face inward, brown hair color and soft gentle feeling. This has long curly hair men’s wigs on the part of the vertical smooth, well close to the face face from cheek position narrowed type. Start electric abundance curling waves, can modify the cheek on both sides of the meat.