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The human hair wigs for black women air bangs by age. Let you instantly become adorable sister.

South Korean actress who why love air cut bangs, human hair wigs for black women bangs as a moment by age, so easily tender way, even with a bunch of people hit the head. But most willing to not only reduce the age of all-match air bangs, various shape can easily manage oh girl, they don’t tangle, decisively cut up right.

A very sweet long hair, flaxen hair tail human hair wigs for black women curly fluffy, collocation air bangs more temperament, repair Yan effect is also very good, suitable for all kinds of face of the woman. A long hair straight hair, straight hair supple hair tail slightly inside the buckle, collocation Meng Da air bangs. It is the main Korean female temperament Oh, red wine and Hair Coloring hair color more fashionable temperament. This stylish long curly hair is very suitable for light mature woman Oh, hair is very fashionable feeling, the forehead covered with air bangs is woman more temperament.

This pear shape of head hair, human hair wigs for black women curls naturally sweet, long black hair collocation air bangs, girl will face off a more delicate and perfect. Cougar Poxian temperament of a short hair, cute air bangs is smart and beautiful, short hot roll out “give a person a kind of fashion beautiful feeling, very suitable for the workplace OL. This is a Korean noodles short head, plus air sense is very distinctive, fringe, small volume, wave a sense of lively and romantic, flaxen hair color make skin more white.

A simple human hair wigs for black women, the forehead is thin air bangs, make volume effect is very lovely hair hair perverse, buckle Xiu Yan, in the sunshine girl is very sweet aura. This short wave shape, brown hair with natural temperament. The tail in showing a buckle sweet, plus thin air bangs, more sweet and pure. Very cute short hair, bangs very adorable air, short hair supple texture, on both sides of the hair clip to the back of the ear, appear particularly pure and lovely girl.