New year to buckle the clip in human hair wigs style,Sweet and lovely

Want to change the clip in human hair extensions hairstyle before 2016 but the friend, can take advantage of this opportunity to start the New Year Spring Festival did not pick a nice hairstyle change, is also very good. Today we recommend looking inside the button hairstyle, can let you become more sweet oh.


Buckle style design is relatively simple but gives people a very sweet feeling, and coupled with fashionable hair style fashion index rose straight, so the new year for the money inside the hair is absolutely perfect.28 oblique bangs and eye and on both sides of the hair with modified face, easy to create the perfect face, straight clip in human hair extensions  hair was docile smooth, cleverly used in withholding tail add sweet, let the girl looks more sweet.


Oblique bangs collocation buckle wave head, not only can modify the perfect face, but also increase the sweet beauty, clip in human hair extensions  hair fluffy tail buckle also add personality charm, perfect.Long straight hair styling collocation buckle design makes the sweet degree rise, slightly oblique bangs collocation on both sides of the long hair easy to create a beautiful face, the simple but super good.Side bangs out “design and the tail buckle contrast, make the modeling more prominent, suction eye index improvement. While red and brown hair make skin more tender, looks super beautiful.



28 hair irregular collocation buckle in the long hair easily modified face to add sweet beauty, and brown clip in human hair extensions  Hair Coloring enhance fashion, let the other more tide.Side in the hair tail trim and collocation in multi-level buckle design modeling is sweet but let Mido compared before more unique, more fashionable.The same inside buckle hair, but the inner buckle of different shapes to make it look more fluffy, more thin in the visual. Coupled with chocolate colored hair to make her sister’s skin looks more white, looks super beautiful