If you have a round face, you can try these short layered bob

Want to face, also want to decompression, now do not need to spend a lot of money, as long as the short layered bob, let the designer for you, you love a transformation of bangs, can make your makeover.6 Japanese hot bangs, let you instantly become beautiful. Even the great pressure, can also be in the mirror. Let you regainconfidence, say goodbye to the pressure!


Recommendation: short layered bob. Recommended reason: if the hypotenuse MM don’t want bangs so lovely face, might as well try this natural edge bangs. Created by natural diamond face and cheeks side bangs hair piece. First of all according to face make suitable radian bangs, then combined hair natural forward side. Not only can lengthen the face, but also has a slimming effect. Because the angle of the formation of Liu Haice branch, and chin radian relative, visual feeling, face like a diamond shape like compact. It is important to note that side bangs can not make hair flow boundary on the head, bangs on his forehead slightly from the angle of can let a person feel. Diamond face more elegant taste.


Recommendation: short layered bob messy bangs. Recommended reason: if the volume is short of MM, or take a personality route of the crush, can try to use hair bangs create little face effect. Using the hair stick, will head hair make fluffy and messy hair, the overall volume of the moment becomes large, relative to the way out of the the face becomes smaller, instantly achieve little face effect. Because the flow of messy and more remarkable, it is easy to transfer to the line of sight of people flow sense of art, while ignoring the size of the face of more things. Forget the size of the face is different, the size of the face where there are?!


Recommendation: neat bangs bangs BOB. Recommended reason: each MM haircut is kept Liu Haine, you just put it to the side with? Now make better use of your bangs, let you instantly face it. According to the face cut out proper radian of Qi Liuhai, using Liu Haizhe’s forehead, effectively the forehead and face the proportion of broken, better able to achieve little face effect. Remember the best bang length, is in the eyebrows, eyelashes oh. Finishing the bangs, short layered bob stick will make use of “C” micro Peng, to create a prominent forehead, facial features obvious effect.