How to take care of the air bangs, five minutes for the other better

The girls have air bangs described a few happy tears! Sweet easy air bangs nature is good, but as long as sleep up no shape at all, and learn how to take care of the Liu Hairang style reparo brilliance is the priority among priorities! Today editor teach you how to do five minutes of air bangs!


[01] the first step to take care of, the whole piece of bangs up, using your fingers to be stabilized. Then you can use the hair salon is a fringe of the tail upwards. [02] after care steps using the Liu Haiwang coil volume will be fixed, in order to air the roots of more fluffy bangs styling. [step 03] in order to take care of the other to air bangs long lasting, can use the hair dryer along the fringe direction, down to blow from. For 3 minutes after stopping use of hair dryer.


[step 04] if you take care of the hair thin girl, it’s better to take hair longer and thicker hair in the hair after the girls can roll the hair down, then air bangs have been basically shaped! [05] the last step to take care of, if you want to have the air bangs maintain a curved hair effect, you can spray a little spray, and then gently loosen


Reminder: air bangs though good-looking, but it is not suitable for every girl oh! To choose according to their own characteristics and the overall style to face their most suitable shape to make the image more outstanding bangs! But also need to carefully take care of bangs and hair each other well, editor introduce you after learn how to take care of the air bangs? Quickly move, let the other more outstanding!