From the clip in human hair extensions to restore the pace of a few years

In order to save a bit from the visual to the pace of time, if you have heart to pull the skin, botulinum these high-tech cosmetic surgery? In fact, do the daily skin care. Then choose a suitable for your clip in human hair extensions  hair. Is also a kind of magical rejuvenation surgery oh!


Light Cougar can try darker clip in human hair extensions  hair color linen C shaped side bangs hair, a magical rejuvenation effect. As long as you keep good hair fluffy, even casually hanging down, is also very beautiful.


Step one: create  clip in human hair extensions hair in the tail portion of the cast product. Not only can make hair more moisture, but also in the subsequent hair program, add a protective film to the hair. Step two: use proper diameter hair stick to the hair, do other. Make a hair more fluffy and full hair is black linen. Hair color is more significantly younger, will be more spiritual. Light can also be Cougar rich lines of curly hair, a ponytail. Lively and romantic, full of youthful vigor!


Step one: clip in human hair extensions hair tied into a side ponytail. And then sprayed with other spray. Step two: create hair comb with the comb hair inverse, let the line more abundant. Step three: give a hair finishing.