Don’t cut your hair on the spur of the moment.,To see the face of the selected clip in human hair extensions

After is a big star clip in human hair  extensions change beauty girl who are brainwashed, charging many have short hair, but has been worried about their face is suitable for what kind of hairstyle, their faces are all what are the advantages and disadvantages. In fact, want to create a charming temperament, so it must be face and hair collocation together.

A good haircut for the overall shape of your points, conversely, a bad haircut is likely to become a weapon to destroy people! Even the big beauty, wrong clip in human hair  extensions, beauty will also greatly reduced. So we must pay attention yo!. Round face is suitable for vertical comb hair, because hair will increase the volume on both sides of the face, face is more big, straight vertical lines will be reduced the width of a round face on the vision.

A round face is not suitable for short clip in human hair  extensions, should increase the head height, on both sides of the hair can not be cut too little. Vertical hair can be effectively modified round face, if the hair, curl and facial features according to the amount of sense .It is also called the oval shape, oval face, is a relatively standard face, a lot of hair may fit, and can achieve very harmonious effect.

Oval face face what no obvious defects, suitable to face completely exposed. Hair is not easy to cut too broken, long hair will be more of a woman with oval face. Can fit the curve with straight hair or hair is large, but also to keep the weight of the clip in human hair  extensions. The girl suggested square face hair portions near the central face is easy, the hair is not easy too long, with two face diameter is the best. The hair is straight or curve fit, hair level can be properly increased, and the sense of the weight of the hair contour is bigger.