Clip in human hair extensions control, 2017 hair color fashion trends?

A large part of the trend of Clip in human hair extensions style is reflected in the hair color, 2017 fashion color forecast, it is best to look at these models .Poke here to see what the prophet: hair control, 2017 hair color fashion trends?


This shoulder length hair in 2017 can be popular, Clip in human hair extensions micro coil design and fashion sense of sweet air bangs bright brown hair color collocation, give people a warm and happy feeling, and fashionable show skin whitening. The new year for a short clavicle can let you severely each, add a little fluffy build particularly lazy charming, and then dyed linen popular, fashionable immediately to fly it.


A knife cut the hair tail hair wave obviously capable of gas, however, after adding unilateral shallow purple coloring is not the same, more personality and temperament in the trend, with the very handsome. The beautiful orange is very suitable for short Clip in human hair extensions girl, like the neck hair dyed orange became very adorable, although the hair color is very eye-catching but not sweet feeling, collocation is sweet to not air bangs.


This is a fashionable short Clip in human hair extensions, very sweet honey brown Hair Coloring choose beauty, a little thin bangs collocation is by age, hair up to the side of the ear, the tail slightly tilted very cute. This is a very short in the middle of the hair, hair tail cut appears to be a little bit with the color of the chestnut after the match is very stylish suction, the whole short hair fashion sense is also a lot of grades up .