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How to take 6 steps to fix the wigs bangs hair pieces for double sweet

We want to go to the barber shop to design a bangs sometimes, but my heart is very sad, or uneasy, afraid of you from the time out of the barber shop is not so good, then you can choose wigs bangs hair pieces. In this way, you can see their Liu is a convenient and practical way what! Oh ~


This is wearing a wig bangs effect after wearing Qi Liuhai’s hairstyle is more sweet, if mm want to try new and different styling bangs, then a look at how to create a new style wig for Liu Hailai.

Wig how to take steps:

1: the first side points, hand wigs bangs hair pieces smooth with fine black hairpin.

2: take the wig bangs.

3: it is fixed on the forehead and fixed

4: this time has brought up the bangs wig, but it seems not true.

5: use a comb to comb the wigs bangs hair pieces, with her hair natural cover and bangs wig piece hairpin node.


Then wear well. Wigs bangs hair pieces is not very natural? Finally you can wear a ribbon or band, not only makes the MM look more sweet, the junction can also cover the true wigs and more natural bangs.