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2016 winter girls clip in human hair extensions style list of these 16 good-looking and popular!

What is more suitable for winter long hair or short hair, more in winter? Now popular girls  clip in human hair extensions, the length of hair still maintain a half of the effect, if you change your hairstyle, you will choose which one? The most popular 16 fashionable hairstyle to share, which one did not cut this winter?

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In winter, long curly hair sweater is the eyes the most warm collocation points, long hair to create small waves, let Phi more suction eye.Long hair girl can also try the two dimension bangs, bangs short hair was of course the super adorable, bangs the girl skin must be better, because Liu Haihui will be the focus of our short vision together in your face.Sweet girl necessary air big bangs clip in human hair extensions, bangs to create a diagonal effect, a hair more beautiful temperament, suitable for the super girl face.

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Bob is one of the essential points in this female clip in human hair extensions, long straight hair is Liu Haiduan let a sense of hierarchy, a warm sense of color is sweet and warm.Stylish atmosphere and shoulder length hair, bangs sweet air was tender, plus Alice fresh yet stylish design perm, a prominent handsome jacket.Want simple a bit? This hair tail slightly recurved and shoulder clip in human hair extensions but a good choice, and shoulder hair cool feeling to a certain extent, elongated face, but will not be very cumbersome, sweater super sweet.

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A lovely temperament short bangs Bob, a gap between the forehead with a bang, more Aura, get a little clip in human hair extensions, somewhat retro feel, with a round face very suction eye.Bangs a little shorter, short hair into small volume, a beret second temperament ladies, small ancient customs every autumn and winter are the explosion!Trendsetter Love wave head, translucent air bangs plus neck hair and hair tail with a refreshing, bend, expose the neck more natural.

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This is the man in the eyes of the most women’s 7 clip in human hair extensions style!

No matter what you look like, beautiful or ordinary, young or old, as long as the careful cultivation, can do a noble and elegant temperament of a woman.In fact, girls can be a little more relaxed. Cut off the clip in human hair extensions, is to cut care.Short hair is too difficult to manage too difficult to take care of, and a length to lob head clavicle position, tenderness is just good!



Lob head is referred to as the Bob long, so it is also a kind of Bob head.A lot of people think short hair bobbed clip in human hair extensions is too monotonous carefully conceal mentioning or do not know how to take care of. In fact, lob can have a variety of styles of beauty, with elegant, small series that it malleable more than long hair.Lob head and clavicular keep long hair style and feminine design, micro volume, add a little fluffy, partial exaggeration. Create a sleep state of feeling lazy, very personal characteristics, which is this year’s popular new trend.


Retro big wave volume is the unique charm of the lob head. With the red skirt, nude color dress, red high heels, classical and sexy, this is the classic Monroe Marilyn modeling to improve the imitation, but also a tribute to the classic.Known as the phoenix eye goddess Nicole, this retro bob hair and her temperament is very consistent. Fashion is to find their own style, not blindly follow the trend.Although it looks like a beyond the age of maturity, but the spirit of the facial features and clip in human hair extensions perfect fusion, exudes a fear of years of surging calm and elegant.


Soft clip in human hair extensions and slightly fastened in the human  hair wigs  making the overall shape of a softer. This no extra modification and similar student sister hair makes you look more young girl, full of vitality.Compared with the inner buckle type, the lob head looks without any treatment. More natural feeling slightly tilted is very casual, no affectation of concerns.One advantage of lob is that it can be tied up with short hair. It’s a low pony tail. The process is less than a minute, so it’s easy to make a mess of beauty.The relative wind is delicate and messy, wind low ponytail, neatly combed, a drain, collocation of makeup strict in demands.


Round face sister paper can cut these pretty thin human hair extensions

Round face sister paper still in your face I worry? You can try these pretty thin  human hair extensions, real hair wigs, wave head, long hair wigs  and long hair of various options, hurry to choose a look for you.Round face sister paper want decrescent, the easiest way is to use human hair wigs  modified face, today I will introduce to you for round face hair, wave head, long hair with long hair all kinds of hair wigs, make your face relaxed decrescent.




This hair with bangs with oblique bangs on both sides of the human hair extensions covering the forehead and cheeks of the meat, let the moment face decrescent, super thin effect obviously.19 points on both sides of the hair bangs collocation small modified face, compared with a short hair also has a slimming effect, but withclipin hair extensions  cut mode is more of a personal charm.Curly  wigs oblique bangs collocation fluffy wave shape, also face “experts” on the trend of real  hair wigs  color collocation can make skin more delicate, not mud adorable try it?



A lid or cut bangs hair collocation wave head can be turned round face, and Gayle paper Meng Da bangs design also can highlight the eye, how to look very cute. Qi Liuhai’s eyes and collocation in the long hair  wigs can also make a round face decrescent, buckle design let Bang more adorable more range. This simple and nice hairstyle moonfaced woman not try the pity.The side in the long hair with long bangs modified small cheek meat, can make the face become thin. Large design not only enhance the fashion degree, can also add temperament, can visually show thin, threefold.


You are not ugly, is the lack of perfect real hair wigs!

We already want to own the bride’s  real hair wigs?If not, then you can look at the next small series for the United States and Europe recommended by the bride.Each style is not the same, we can choose according to the attention of their wedding, absolutely make you become the most dazzling bride, the United States to the extreme!



Love romantic style but don’t want to get too complicated in shape, in fact can be considered under the above. If you just half of the rolling  human hair wigs  is not eye-catching, but with these little white flowers to decorate, the feeling is not the same.Summer weather is hot, afraid of Cape is too hot, also can choose hair. The hair is the key in a real hair wigs  fluffy feeling, you should first be scraping the hair fluffy, then it coiled into balls. Zhang does not need hair can also be decorated as usual, but if the bride hair extension is too monotonous, so you can choose this kind of hair like pearl diamond plus in the position below, and noble temperament.



This  hairstyle perfect for outdoor wedding, that small, choose this hairstyle is absolutely right! Long hair wigs girl like this goddess full range of children. First of all the human hair wigs  is divided into several parts, and then rolled into a natural big wave wigs shape, then both get a bunch of  real hair wigs , woven hemp braids behind tied together, finally with a golden leaves hair extension on it.




A lot of love with flowers as the bride bride hairstyle decoration, really very beautiful, like a wreath above the white powder, too beautiful. Put the real hair wigs into three strands, and then set up, with such a wreath hair ornaments, both beautiful and photogenic, no matter what collocation style of dress is beautiful.