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select appropriate vogue wigs in order to beautiful self

Look at the skin color selection for their own  vogue wigs.

1, partial white skin is white — although a born beauty, but if the improper choice of color  vogue wigs, looks very healthy, remember light reddish brown, light brown and very soft this kind of reddish color will make his face ruddy and angry.

2, yellow, the color yellow color can choose natural deep black and light brown yellow, will make the skin appear white. Many don’t choose the yellow hair wigs color, it will make unpleasant skin more ugly.

3, natural color — this skin is the best, look healthy and shiny, choose a hair color room is also great, such as yellow, brown, red Wine, deep purple, deep coffee are vogue wigs.

4, partial black – skin pigmentation serious, will make the skin look dull and dull, in the hair color to choose some natural black, dark orange, etc., will make the face bright.

Look at the face to choose their own  vogue wigs.

1, long face: if you want a perm, can choose to cut chin hair, the iron into a corporation or curly. To avoid cut very short or long straight hair. Or   tease horse tail. Short hair wigs should be adopted to make the face appear longer wide.

2, square face: can use curly  wigs or long hair wigs to the shoulders, making it a natural underground vertical, the advantage of this is to conceal faults, please do not deliberately choose to long chin round Guo Fang straight hair. The vogue wigs will make the face more long.

3, a round face with 37 boundaries are wig hair, do not use the bangs to cover up all the forehead, at least to the exposed part of the forehead, or cut more foreign ship  straight hair wigs, and hair the top part as the emphasis (e.g., fluffy increased) so as to make the face look more slender.

4, coconut round face: the whole big wavy wig, with some more curved bangs look good, it will smooth lines to bring in the forehead, will make the whole face looks vivid sense of flow lines.