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Fashion trend of boys perm hair natural wigs handsome sun energy

For boys, a fashion perm natural wigs can also help you considerably! Now editor a look at to recommend several boys perm hair. Not only Korean girls boys will perm, perm Oh! So, what are the boys perm perm hair? The following small as we recommended several Korean boys perm hair, with a look.


The design is the amount of dew is fresh, the collocation of fashion style Mohawk more full of handsome metrosexual man fan, but low-key dark brown color Hair Coloring more tidal flow texture. A very adorable temperament wind the latest Korean boys hairstyle pictures, with fresh and natural black hair natural wigs color, highlighting the design and collocation bangs modeling and Jarhead of massiness but fresh sense of the fresh sunshine fan oh.


A slightly mature temperament wind of the latest Korean boys hair perm hair natural wigs, in a simple fashion style, dew, collocation of plane head form design and refreshing perm carpenter buccal light shape design more full texture. Using the gas metrosexual man fashion exquisite flower round head shape design, shape design and collocation shades of brown color with the same Hair Coloring bangs show is full of sunshine and lively metrosexual man fan.


Hair Coloring red brown color can not only bring out the color of the white boys, but also full of temperament wind tide Oh, then this form of hot thick texture collocation bangs hair natural wigs  design more full Tim handsome Korean fresh red brown color. Hair Coloring can not only bring out the color of the white boys, but also significantly the temperament of the full tide of the wind Oh, then this form of hot thick texture collocation bangs hair design more full of fresh and handsome Korean Tim.

2016 autumn and winter fashion hairstyle recommended bangs modified face 37 points

Style 1 sweet wind is timeless, this adorable girl is very suitable for long hair wigs Oh, bangs modified face 37, romantic sweet linen grey human hair  extensions collocation Hair Coloring hair color, very dazzling suction eye.Style 2 is also a long curly wigs  hair, Liu Qi Meng Meng Da, long curly wigs golden brown hair color collocation, let the girl look fashionable and lovely.Style 3 simple long hair, brown hair color and charming, hair fluffy and messy, great personality, and Liu Qi Xiu Yan effect plus, is a very non mainstream messy hair pieces  beauty.

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Style 4 broken fringe is light and natural wigs , repair Yan effect is very obvious, long hair fluffy perm layering, very charming, popular grandma grey hair color mix Hair Coloring highlights, full of personality.The air bangs cover the forehead, decorated the girl exquisite face,  human hair extensions perm fluffy and full, brown skin is Hair Coloring collocation is more fair.Style 6 is a short hair with bangs perm styling, fluffy Qi Qi very good training effect, short curly wigs hair buckle also with a little messy feeling, very suitable for low-key sister oh.

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The use of hot roll hairstyle long hair style 7, messy real hair wigs  collocation cover eyebrow Qi Liu, modern sense, the golden color publicity seems energetic. GirlStyle 8 the Buzzcut really cool Oh, 37 bangs perfect repair Yan, fluffy hair wigs  very sense of design, very suitable to take a neutral wind girl oh.Style 9 is a fresh and sweet girl in the short hair, perm air bangs collocation, this fresh simple style is also very charm Oh, golden brown hair color also let the girl look more fashionable.

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