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This is the man in the eyes of the most women’s 7 clip in human hair extensions style!

No matter what you look like, beautiful or ordinary, young or old, as long as the careful cultivation, can do a noble and elegant temperament of a woman.In fact, girls can be a little more relaxed. Cut off the clip in human hair extensions, is to cut care.Short hair is too difficult to manage too difficult to take care of, and a length to lob head clavicle position, tenderness is just good!



Lob head is referred to as the Bob long, so it is also a kind of Bob head.A lot of people think short hair bobbed clip in human hair extensions is too monotonous carefully conceal mentioning or do not know how to take care of. In fact, lob can have a variety of styles of beauty, with elegant, small series that it malleable more than long hair.Lob head and clavicular keep long hair style and feminine design, micro volume, add a little fluffy, partial exaggeration. Create a sleep state of feeling lazy, very personal characteristics, which is this year’s popular new trend.


Retro big wave volume is the unique charm of the lob head. With the red skirt, nude color dress, red high heels, classical and sexy, this is the classic Monroe Marilyn modeling to improve the imitation, but also a tribute to the classic.Known as the phoenix eye goddess Nicole, this retro bob hair and her temperament is very consistent. Fashion is to find their own style, not blindly follow the trend.Although it looks like a beyond the age of maturity, but the spirit of the facial features and clip in human hair extensions perfect fusion, exudes a fear of years of surging calm and elegant.


Soft clip in human hair extensions and slightly fastened in the human  hair wigs  making the overall shape of a softer. This no extra modification and similar student sister hair makes you look more young girl, full of vitality.Compared with the inner buckle type, the lob head looks without any treatment. More natural feeling slightly tilted is very casual, no affectation of concerns.One advantage of lob is that it can be tied up with short hair. It’s a low pony tail. The process is less than a minute, so it’s easy to make a mess of beauty.The relative wind is delicate and messy, wind low ponytail, neatly combed, a drain, collocation of makeup strict in demands.


2016 autumn and winter fashion clip in human hair extensions recommended bangs modified face 37 points

clip in human hair extensions

Sweet wind is timeless, clip in human hair extensions this adorable girl is very suitable for long hair hair Oh, bangs modified face 37, romantic sweet linen grey hair collocation Hair Coloring hair color, very dazzling suction eye.The same is a long curly wigs hair curly hair, Liu Qi Meng Meng Da, long curly golden brown hair color collocation, let the girl look fashionable and lovely.Simple long hair, brown hair color and charming, hair fluffy and messy, great personality, and Liu Qi Xiu Yan effect plus, is a very non mainstream messy hair beauty.

clip in human hair extensions


The broken fringe is light and natural, clip in human hair extensions  repair Yan effect is very obvious, long hair fluffy perm layering, very charming, popular grandma grey  hair wigs for black women color mix Hair Coloring highlights, full of personality.The air bangs cover the forehead, decorated the girl exquisite face, hair perm fluffy and full, brown skin is Hair Coloring collocation is more fair.Also is a short hair perm styling, fluffy Qi Qi very good training effect, short curly hair buckle also with a little messy feeling, very suitable for low-key sister oh.

clip in human hair extensions


Using the curled hair design the long hair, clip in human hair extensions   messy hair collocation cover eyebrow Qi Liu, modern sense, the golden color publicity seems energetic. GirlThis hair style really cool, 37 bangs perfect repair Yan, fluffy hair very sense of design, very suitable to take a neutral wind girl oh.It is a fresh and sweet girl in the short hair, perm air bangs collocation, this fresh simple style is also very charm Oh, golden brown hair color also let the girl look more fashionable.

A good clip in human hair extensions h makes you sexy face collocation index doubled

Oval known as the Oriental women’s standard with its symmetrical lines and elegant contours of the face, has been well received by the public’s favorite, but only a good face is not enough, not a good hair collocation that will only waste the resources, let’s look at today’s 9 for the election of the oval clip in human hair extensions, will be able to make your sultry index doubled oh.


Face because of its advantages can be said that many face best hair collocation, whether long or short hair, curly or straight hair can be a good combination, and the clip in human hair extensions to choose not only to hair itself good-looking, can lining the oval face is perfect oh.Long brown hair part is smooth and supple, better reveals the face contour, from under the chin began to curl, texture and other prominent fashion, let you become full of suction eye of the queen.And the shoulder in the hair at the end of a winding electric curling sweet, 37 bangs showing gentle temperament, and golden brown hair color can also appear facial skin more white oh.


Long curly brown hair fluffy loose, medium length bangs in 46 divided slightly outward tilt, just be on the part of the face modified two beautiful curve, more beautiful and lovely.Silky golden brown hair shiny and smooth, clip in human hair extensions tail into a trace of large volume, people feel the gentle Xianshu feeling, Liu Haineng 28 texture and well groomed brow.

Long face sister cut these clip in human hair extensions to the United States a new height

Many long face woman in distress and how the use of clip in human hair extensions   to modified face, you know the hair is very important, otherwise easy to change the long face face oh. Today some editorial recommendation for a long face hair girl, to learn it.Style 1 is the 46 bit buckle wave head short hair, hair length to the cheeks slightly curled slightly, can effectively shorten the face of facial lines, perfect modified face, with natural and pure black is fresh and charming.



Style 2 high forehead long face girls might cut bangs, bangs can pull on the vision of short face, the short hair and tail hair slightly tilted, and collocation of casual bangs, particularly lovely, small and cute.Style 3 in this simple clip in human hair extensions  straight hair style is very suitable for girls in a long face, long bangs close to the other side of the face side scattered, ear exposed woman delicate face, black natural hair color, highlights the texture, with long hair is a little messy tail sticking out, show the charm.



Style 4 is also used in hair styling, cascading curls more girls simple and elegant, beautiful black hair fluffy and full paste on the cheeks, can well cover the shortage of long face face.5 style 46 bangs good modification of the face, and shoulder length just right, the tail slightly inner buckle adds to the woman’s charming, light golden color with a white face, giving a soft and warm feeling.Lob Style 6 in the head, the side of fluffy hair, creating a romantic and charming sense of. Hair contour has good effect repair Yan, clip in human hair extensions  is the best choice to face is not perfect girl, is also very suitable for long face sister paper. Hair Coloring white wine red with the skin, to people bring a sense of mystery and femininity.



Style 7 long face girl is very suitable for the hair, the ears short hair loose curl, partial bangs outline light feminine, brown Hair Coloring fashion personality, can not only highlight the delicate face, but also through a concise atmosphere.Style 8 short fringe thin cover on the forehead, not only the modification of the face, the more prominent the girl water Lingling big eyes, give a person a kind of childish feeling, wavy long clip in human hair extensions  add a light and lively atmosphere.Style 9 curly partial bangs can subtly modified long face face, a radian slightly, cascading effect is made, make the face more petite delicate, bring sweet smell.