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2016 winter girls clip in human hair extensions style list of these 16 good-looking and popular!

What is more suitable for winter long hair or short hair, more in winter? Now popular girls  clip in human hair extensions, the length of hair still maintain a half of the effect, if you change your hairstyle, you will choose which one? The most popular 16 fashionable hairstyle to share, which one did not cut this winter?

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In winter, long curly hair sweater is the eyes the most warm collocation points, long hair to create small waves, let Phi more suction eye.Long hair girl can also try the two dimension bangs, bangs short hair was of course the super adorable, bangs the girl skin must be better, because Liu Haihui will be the focus of our short vision together in your face.Sweet girl necessary air big bangs clip in human hair extensions, bangs to create a diagonal effect, a hair more beautiful temperament, suitable for the super girl face.

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Bob is one of the essential points in this female clip in human hair extensions, long straight hair is Liu Haiduan let a sense of hierarchy, a warm sense of color is sweet and warm.Stylish atmosphere and shoulder length hair, bangs sweet air was tender, plus Alice fresh yet stylish design perm, a prominent handsome jacket.Want simple a bit? This hair tail slightly recurved and shoulder clip in human hair extensions but a good choice, and shoulder hair cool feeling to a certain extent, elongated face, but will not be very cumbersome, sweater super sweet.

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A lovely temperament short bangs Bob, a gap between the forehead with a bang, more Aura, get a little clip in human hair extensions, somewhat retro feel, with a round face very suction eye.Bangs a little shorter, short hair into small volume, a beret second temperament ladies, small ancient customs every autumn and winter are the explosion!Trendsetter Love wave head, translucent air bangs plus neck hair and hair tail with a refreshing, bend, expose the neck more natural.

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Long face sister cut these clip in human hair extensions to the United States a new height

Many long face woman in distress and how the use of clip in human hair extensions   to modified face, you know the hair is very important, otherwise easy to change the long face face oh. Today some editorial recommendation for a long face hair girl, to learn it.Style 1 is the 46 bit buckle wave head short hair, hair length to the cheeks slightly curled slightly, can effectively shorten the face of facial lines, perfect modified face, with natural and pure black is fresh and charming.



Style 2 high forehead long face girls might cut bangs, bangs can pull on the vision of short face, the short hair and tail hair slightly tilted, and collocation of casual bangs, particularly lovely, small and cute.Style 3 in this simple clip in human hair extensions  straight hair style is very suitable for girls in a long face, long bangs close to the other side of the face side scattered, ear exposed woman delicate face, black natural hair color, highlights the texture, with long hair is a little messy tail sticking out, show the charm.



Style 4 is also used in hair styling, cascading curls more girls simple and elegant, beautiful black hair fluffy and full paste on the cheeks, can well cover the shortage of long face face.5 style 46 bangs good modification of the face, and shoulder length just right, the tail slightly inner buckle adds to the woman’s charming, light golden color with a white face, giving a soft and warm feeling.Lob Style 6 in the head, the side of fluffy hair, creating a romantic and charming sense of. Hair contour has good effect repair Yan, clip in human hair extensions  is the best choice to face is not perfect girl, is also very suitable for long face sister paper. Hair Coloring white wine red with the skin, to people bring a sense of mystery and femininity.



Style 7 long face girl is very suitable for the hair, the ears short hair loose curl, partial bangs outline light feminine, brown Hair Coloring fashion personality, can not only highlight the delicate face, but also through a concise atmosphere.Style 8 short fringe thin cover on the forehead, not only the modification of the face, the more prominent the girl water Lingling big eyes, give a person a kind of childish feeling, wavy long clip in human hair extensions  add a light and lively atmosphere.Style 9 curly partial bangs can subtly modified long face face, a radian slightly, cascading effect is made, make the face more petite delicate, bring sweet smell.


2016 autumn and winter fashion hairstyle recommended bangs modified face 37 points

Style 1 sweet wind is timeless, this adorable girl is very suitable for long hair wigs Oh, bangs modified face 37, romantic sweet linen grey human hair  extensions collocation Hair Coloring hair color, very dazzling suction eye.Style 2 is also a long curly wigs  hair, Liu Qi Meng Meng Da, long curly wigs golden brown hair color collocation, let the girl look fashionable and lovely.Style 3 simple long hair, brown hair color and charming, hair fluffy and messy, great personality, and Liu Qi Xiu Yan effect plus, is a very non mainstream messy hair pieces  beauty.

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Style 4 broken fringe is light and natural wigs , repair Yan effect is very obvious, long hair fluffy perm layering, very charming, popular grandma grey hair color mix Hair Coloring highlights, full of personality.The air bangs cover the forehead, decorated the girl exquisite face,  human hair extensions perm fluffy and full, brown skin is Hair Coloring collocation is more fair.Style 6 is a short hair with bangs perm styling, fluffy Qi Qi very good training effect, short curly wigs hair buckle also with a little messy feeling, very suitable for low-key sister oh.

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The use of hot roll hairstyle long hair style 7, messy real hair wigs  collocation cover eyebrow Qi Liu, modern sense, the golden color publicity seems energetic. GirlStyle 8 the Buzzcut really cool Oh, 37 bangs perfect repair Yan, fluffy hair wigs  very sense of design, very suitable to take a neutral wind girl oh.Style 9 is a fresh and sweet girl in the short hair, perm air bangs collocation, this fresh simple style is also very charm Oh, golden brown hair color also let the girl look more fashionable.

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Get rid of old and dull winter human hair extensions fluffy hair perm

Is a fluffy human hair extensions  perm  real hair wigs design, Liu Qi, collocation ear human hair wigs , prominent wigs for woman delicate face, even wearing a white shirt is very ordinary, fresh and charming.Short hair is in power, we may consider another girl short hair, short hair and bangs fastened in the partial collocation, set off a small face, sweet, brown Hair Coloring also adds a lot of sense of fashion.It is a very sweet short curly  wigs hair design, collocation of partial bangs, Xiu Yan thin, Hair Coloring Brown is more fair complexion, looks pure and pleasant.


This is a simple long angled Bobo, and points out the modified collocation bangs, delicate face, enhance the overall temperament, also appears more attractive human hair wigs for white woman Hair Coloring linen.Do not know how to take care of in the long hair? Try this hairstyle,  human hair extensions perm design collocation partial fringe effect repair Yan out, looks sweet and lovely girl.Micro volume short hair, and partial bangs collocation, Xiu Yan thin, brown Hair Coloring off white skin, let the girl look fashionable western style, also adds a bit of sweet temperament.


Fastened in the short hair, fresh air sense collocation bangs, highlighting the girl small features, very temperament, if  human Hair extensions  Coloring will be more fashionable.The waves of hair design, collocation on the temperament of the partial bangs, decorated the perfect face, add a bit of sweet temperament, is a Korean romantic style of a long curly  wigs hair.Small fresh in a long hair design, collocation and air bangs, set off a small face, sweet, smart, flaxen hair is natural and pure.

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Round face sister paper can cut these pretty thin human hair extensions

Round face sister paper still in your face I worry? You can try these pretty thin  human hair extensions, real hair wigs, wave head, long hair wigs  and long hair of various options, hurry to choose a look for you.Round face sister paper want decrescent, the easiest way is to use human hair wigs  modified face, today I will introduce to you for round face hair, wave head, long hair with long hair all kinds of hair wigs, make your face relaxed decrescent.




This hair with bangs with oblique bangs on both sides of the human hair extensions covering the forehead and cheeks of the meat, let the moment face decrescent, super thin effect obviously.19 points on both sides of the hair bangs collocation small modified face, compared with a short hair also has a slimming effect, but withclipin hair extensions  cut mode is more of a personal charm.Curly  wigs oblique bangs collocation fluffy wave shape, also face “experts” on the trend of real  hair wigs  color collocation can make skin more delicate, not mud adorable try it?



A lid or cut bangs hair collocation wave head can be turned round face, and Gayle paper Meng Da bangs design also can highlight the eye, how to look very cute. Qi Liuhai’s eyes and collocation in the long hair  wigs can also make a round face decrescent, buckle design let Bang more adorable more range. This simple and nice hairstyle moonfaced woman not try the pity.The side in the long hair with long bangs modified small cheek meat, can make the face become thin. Large design not only enhance the fashion degree, can also add temperament, can visually show thin, threefold.


Also want to cut short hair? That is, you do not know how the human hair extensions in the United States

Now when it comes to hair, many people first reaction is short, it is because we do not pay attention to the human hair extensions is beautiful, that has got a sister paper human hair extensions style, how to look good, but  hair more, other more variety, quickly and see these beautiful human hair extensions hairstyle.


Although the short hair is very popular, but to see such a beautiful human hair extensions, a lot of woman might change his mind, the human hair extensions in the hair, the hair style is not only beautiful personality, but also do not have much change, the trend of human hair extensions, want to try look at the following paragraphs in the other.


In the side, in the human hair extensions slightly fluffy, fresh in the sense of fashion, and the tail trim messy multi gradient layers, make the  human hair extensions look more fashionable. The length of air bangs just to the eyes, then visually prominent woman sparkling eyes,human hair extensions collocation in fresh micro  sweet, nice. 28 inverted V buckle in fluffy bangs collocation, create a perfect face contour, looks beautiful. Fried chicken with chestnut Hair Coloring make skin more white, let the other more personal characteristics.


Haifa inverted V tail perm design looks more sweet, human hair extensions wavy hair to create a beautiful face contour, let the big face smaller, at the same time, because the human hair extensions    seems full, little girl human hair extensions can also try hair less can try this woman more, his human hair extensions made of hair looks super abundance in addition, a special angel wings is very beautiful and very sweet bangs bangs hair sideburns. Bar collocation face, hair messy micro , can repair  thin face and can reflect the sense of fashion, very nice.


Long face suitable for what kind of real hair wigs Bob head modified facial lines

Long face sister may have a question: a long face  real hair wigs  for what? In fact, Bobo is not necessarily a long head face mm a good choice, because Bobo can repair the head face, different design also let Korah wide facial lines, long face has slowed.Long face sister may have a question: what is suitable for long face hair? Want to have the face to face, the golden rule is to shorten the use of facial lines, near the ear human  hair wigs will face pull cross, let others see when there is a visual illusion. Now editor  for better hairstyle pictures, and  editor look at summer real hair  wigs style to help long face mm face queen Avatar.


In the design of the short version is  real hair  wigs  with pear head, curly wigs  radian near the ear set can make hair look more fluffy, and widening the facial lines, can make the face look a long slow illusion.Bob straight head feels very cool, with a long face mm always give people the feeling. Sometimes if you can’t change it as it was improved to Bob head! The same choice in neat bangs, near the ear thick hair feels somewhat face pull cross.


Sexy and aura of Europe and the United States human hair wigs style minus age



Half of the rolling hair by age a half of the rolling human  hair wigs, different from the ball head and playful, half bun more ladies temperament. This hairstyle looks up Sen female aura, like the forest fairy, whether or wreath type hair bangs hair have a common point, is to create a lazy fluffy hair, without too neat, some human hair wigs more natural fashion.



Wavy hair long hair wigs are not only suitable for sexy enchanting beauty and vitality of the girls can also try under the beautiful long curly wig  hair, Wavy Curls can increase a sense of fashion, side wigs for  woman. The audience very hairstyle.Low ponytail elegant tail shape, suitable for various occasions, even to attend the awards can easily hold the oil. Using oil wax to create hairstyle  affect, the elegant noble temperament modelling more strict in demands.



Low bun bun  human hair  wigs has a simple, casual, casual fashion sense, simple yet modern and playful. Punk hairstyle with a street style punk hairstyle, cool fashion.