Bob is still the most fashionable clip in human hair extensions hairstyle in 2017 to cut these 16 spring and summer!

Core tip: 2017 popular what hairstyle? The current fashion trends in spring and summer has a lot to say out, clip in human hair extensions, preferred or short wave head which is popularity explosion models, small as we have identified 16 good-looking BOB hair cut is definitely the focus!

clip in human hair extensions

WOB head partial sexy fashion, beside the dew forehead fresh temperament, retro big highlight the feminine.Air bangs always easy oil? Like this a depression, a depression is also very sweet personality, let you successfully steal the spotlight. Her bangs short tail curved wave head, the same is short, after the tail and a bending moment is charming, broad design face was thin.


clip in human hair extensions1

Common Qi Liu wave head, clip in human hair extensions  part made of egg roll hot temperament whole become gentle, plus the pink peach makeup, super for spring. A short straight wave head, after the hair cut out slightly in the sense of hierarchy buckle, long bangs face. Just pure air show will be the tail slightly curled wave head after the long hair, made a small volume of more good care, take the fresh air bangs fashionable.

clip in human hair extensions2

The two dimension style cover +LOB bangs head, highlighting the playful and fashionable female temperament, personality, spirit sense. The arc wave head, at first glance in good style covered the face of the meat, with a little thin bangs modified forehead, face significantly more fashionable