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Long face suitable for what kind of real hair wigs Bob head modified facial lines

Long face sister may have a question: a long face  real hair wigs  for what? In fact, Bobo is not necessarily a long head face mm a good choice, because Bobo can repair the head face, different design also let Korah wide facial lines, long face has slowed.Long face sister may have a question: what is suitable for long face hair? Want to have the face to face, the golden rule is to shorten the use of facial lines, near the ear human  hair wigs will face pull cross, let others see when there is a visual illusion. Now editor  for better hairstyle pictures, and  editor look at summer real hair  wigs style to help long face mm face queen Avatar.


In the design of the short version is  real hair  wigs  with pear head, curly wigs  radian near the ear set can make hair look more fluffy, and widening the facial lines, can make the face look a long slow illusion.Bob straight head feels very cool, with a long face mm always give people the feeling. Sometimes if you can’t change it as it was improved to Bob head! The same choice in neat bangs, near the ear thick hair feels somewhat face pull cross.


Sexy and aura of Europe and the United States human hair wigs style minus age



Half of the rolling hair by age a half of the rolling human  hair wigs, different from the ball head and playful, half bun more ladies temperament. This hairstyle looks up Sen female aura, like the forest fairy, whether or wreath type hair bangs hair have a common point, is to create a lazy fluffy hair, without too neat, some human hair wigs more natural fashion.



Wavy hair long hair wigs are not only suitable for sexy enchanting beauty and vitality of the girls can also try under the beautiful long curly wig  hair, Wavy Curls can increase a sense of fashion, side wigs for  woman. The audience very hairstyle.Low ponytail elegant tail shape, suitable for various occasions, even to attend the awards can easily hold the oil. Using oil wax to create hairstyle  affect, the elegant noble temperament modelling more strict in demands.



Low bun bun  human hair  wigs has a simple, casual, casual fashion sense, simple yet modern and playful. Punk hairstyle with a street style punk hairstyle, cool fashion.



What are some cheap clip in hair extensions that are real hair wigs?

What are the girls awl face for real hair wigs? Is awl face mirror, choose a lot, how to perfect collocation awl face a suitable for your hair, let you instantly improve the temperament of more than one level, for you to share for the awl face several styles, want to change the hairstyle you can refer to clip in hair extensions.


What are the girls awl face for hair fluffy curled? This real hair wigs are very fashionable looking, both sides are tightly wrapped cheek hair can help the awl face perfect face, with clip in hair extensions collocation is more perfect temperament.


A strong women with short real  hair wigs are divided for the temperament awl face, hair tail curled by the sense of design, not only can play a multiplier effect clip in hair extensions and fashion charm, and in collocation is more easily bangs highlights the three-dimensional features and beautiful face.


The brown linen  real Hair wigs Coloring awl face hair looks very unique fashion range of children, with thick and slightly oblique bangs hair close to the cheek to modified face, makes the girls become more beautiful and charming awl face.


Give full gas field the  real hair wigs  are awl face girls for hair Oh, fluffy curled hair and create a combination clip in hair extensions, which has thin awl face visual effect, Hair Coloring finally with fashion is more suction eye up up.

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synthetic hair cannot be color treated and does not do well with high heat styling tools. It is available in a wide variety of colors and textures, however, making choosing the right product for the intended style simple. These hair extensions can also be purchased at most beauty supply stores for people who prefer to attempt attaching and styling the hair themselves.


Many people choose to wear a human hair piece for aesthetic reasons, as a c is often more attractive and less obvious than synthetic hair. One difficulty with this choice, however, is that human hair wigs and full wigs can cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on their size and quality, and you may not be eligible for outside assistance with these costs.



Women often use hair extensions to achieve a specific hairstyle for special events, such as weddings and other formal occasions where up-dos are stylish and popular. By styling hair with extensions, these more formal hairstyles are possible even for people with shorter, layered hair. Synthetic hair also doesn’t react to weather conditions the way human hair wigs does, meaning hairstyles don’t droop or frizz in rain and high humidity.


A human hair weave is a hair extension made from 100-percent human hair wigs rather than horse hair or synthetic hair.



select appropriate vogue wigs in order to beautiful self

Look at the skin color selection for their own  vogue wigs.

1, partial white skin is white — although a born beauty, but if the improper choice of color  vogue wigs, looks very healthy, remember light reddish brown, light brown and very soft this kind of reddish color will make his face ruddy and angry.

2, yellow, the color yellow color can choose natural deep black and light brown yellow, will make the skin appear white. Many don’t choose the yellow hair wigs color, it will make unpleasant skin more ugly.

3, natural color — this skin is the best, look healthy and shiny, choose a hair color room is also great, such as yellow, brown, red Wine, deep purple, deep coffee are vogue wigs.

4, partial black – skin pigmentation serious, will make the skin look dull and dull, in the hair color to choose some natural black, dark orange, etc., will make the face bright.

Look at the face to choose their own  vogue wigs.

1, long face: if you want a perm, can choose to cut chin hair, the iron into a corporation or curly. To avoid cut very short or long straight hair. Or   tease horse tail. Short hair wigs should be adopted to make the face appear longer wide.

2, square face: can use curly  wigs or long hair wigs to the shoulders, making it a natural underground vertical, the advantage of this is to conceal faults, please do not deliberately choose to long chin round Guo Fang straight hair. The vogue wigs will make the face more long.

3, a round face with 37 boundaries are wig hair, do not use the bangs to cover up all the forehead, at least to the exposed part of the forehead, or cut more foreign ship  straight hair wigs, and hair the top part as the emphasis (e.g., fluffy increased) so as to make the face look more slender.

4, coconut round face: the whole big wavy wig, with some more curved bangs look good, it will smooth lines to bring in the forehead, will make the whole face looks vivid sense of flow lines.