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If you have a round face, you can try these short layered bob

Want to face, also want to decompression, now do not need to spend a lot of money, as long as the short layered bob, let the designer for you, you love a transformation of bangs, can make your makeover.6 Japanese hot bangs, let you instantly become beautiful. Even the great pressure, can also be in the mirror. Let you regainconfidence, say goodbye to the pressure!


Recommendation: short layered bob. Recommended reason: if the hypotenuse MM don’t want bangs so lovely face, might as well try this natural edge bangs. Created by natural diamond face and cheeks side bangs hair piece. First of all according to face make suitable radian bangs, then combined hair natural forward side. Not only can lengthen the face, but also has a slimming effect. Because the angle of the formation of Liu Haice branch, and chin radian relative, visual feeling, face like a diamond shape like compact. It is important to note that side bangs can not make hair flow boundary on the head, bangs on his forehead slightly from the angle of can let a person feel. Diamond face more elegant taste.


Recommendation: short layered bob messy bangs. Recommended reason: if the volume is short of MM, or take a personality route of the crush, can try to use hair bangs create little face effect. Using the hair stick, will head hair make fluffy and messy hair, the overall volume of the moment becomes large, relative to the way out of the the face becomes smaller, instantly achieve little face effect. Because the flow of messy and more remarkable, it is easy to transfer to the line of sight of people flow sense of art, while ignoring the size of the face of more things. Forget the size of the face is different, the size of the face where there are?!


Recommendation: neat bangs bangs BOB. Recommended reason: each MM haircut is kept Liu Haine, you just put it to the side with? Now make better use of your bangs, let you instantly face it. According to the face cut out proper radian of Qi Liuhai, using Liu Haizhe’s forehead, effectively the forehead and face the proportion of broken, better able to achieve little face effect. Remember the best bang length, is in the eyebrows, eyelashes oh. Finishing the bangs, short layered bob stick will make use of “C” micro Peng, to create a prominent forehead, facial features obvious effect.

If you are a young and lovely student, you must have these fashionable short human hair wigs

There are a lot of students younger sister is leaving hair, pure hair style is also very popular. Especially student with glasses girl, always worried little for hair. In fact, this is a natural pendant hair style for you, straight bangs, long straight hair on both sides of the pendant is unique in that sense, short human hair wigs the tail slightly curled into the dog, from the inside to the outside of the slope of the straight out more depressing feeling. Glasses sisters quickly put this hairstyle, natural long hair is definitely very popular.


This quiet gentle hair you love? The seemingly simple short human hair wigs stylist and trim levels after catching Peng, very pretty, but very refreshing. The cheeks hair slightly inward, can be well modified face, for a little quiet personality, gentle lovely girl.


In the long short human hair wigs is easy to handle, is the first choice for students. Many tiny boundaries Bang bangs, you can increase your sweet. Thin bangs feels clean and elegant, the tail slightly curled inwards with sexy elements. This hairstyle is suitable for electric hair before the beauty, can be slightly trimmed this effect was obtained.


The campus filled with youthful feel relaxed. Summer is coming, you MM it is time for you to change a new hairstyle, fresh and sweet, wind hair, add a little vitality to your summer, come and see!, sweet wind hairdo, guy be in volume romantic fluffy short human hair wigs, beautiful non mainstream, easily let you become a college girl. Honey fluffy hair to create a lotus leaf in the top slightly elevated, fine hair is layered, fresh and sweet!

What is suitable for hair wigs for white women ,less oblique bangs curly tail distribution

A person’s hair, is also very interesting, some people may not have much hair, not happy to play. A person’s hair wigs for white women, is also very interesting, some people may not have much hair, not happy to play, a human hair is relatively small, look like bald, to see a small amount of fat for what hairstyle:


This pear is very suitable for fluffy head involution even face adorable girl, is also worth a try, sweet, beautiful suction eye, fluffy hair design is most suitable for less amount of highly fashionable girl. A simple and refreshing short hair, blonde wigs for white women make skin more white, suitable for strong woman fan, gas field full.


The hair wigs for white women  roots hot fluffy, modification of the face, the simple level style perm to increase hair volume, increase the sense of fashion, elegant temperament. Liu Haishu put into oblique bangs, then long hair tail electric volume, the hair can make you look very fresh and sweet, give people ripe generous feeling.





This is the French romantic shoulder curly hair, hair slightly long, small waves appear face smaller, whether students or workers party, can try. The amount of a person’s hair  wigs for white women is not changed, if you really want to change, it is only wearing a wig, love these less hair hair do?

The new cheap human hair wigs fashion trends, in this spring together with me beautiful !

2017 new year, the trend and the emergence of new hair styles, features a large popular hairstyle is divided, so a Korean curly  hair girl believe they’ll love it. Temperament and hair become this year the girl’s love, and the design of thin bangs bangs brow highlights girls playful temperament, cheap human hair wigs collocation hat sunglasses, turned retro. Trendsetter oblique bangs intellectual lady, such a oblique bangs shawl style, long hair hair slightly curled, a sea of blue striped military dress, fresh by age.


2017 hairstyle trends? Throughout star fashion circles, find a common point, whether long or cheap human hair wigs, only after the addition of a bend is beautiful. If you want to make your design more fashionable bright, let the hair tail to a pouty. As one of the representatives of Victoria Song recently, although her bangs are steal the spotlight, but editor, precisely because of the hair sticking out collocation can make her bangs more air.


Zheng Shuang has recently been in the quiet state, although there are few appearances, but she had short cheap human hair wigs style editor to now feel memories, the same is Bob, after doing a clear out “small whole person looks super aura. Take the actress this year because of the concern that Dongyu Zhou. You remember her face film at the same time, also remember her hair, hair tail Alice Bob flexible and playful! Together with actress Ma Sichun style is the same paragraph, because looks cute, so do not want to look at Dongyu Zhou so well, but adds a bit of lady.


Liu Shishi’s marriage is becoming more and more beautiful, the tail volume was so breathtakingly beautiful, feel this big shape like a retro feel for her natural existence. More and more beautiful married Liu Shishi, the tail volume was so breathtakingly beautiful, feel this big shape like a retro feel for her natural existence. Even when a hair, Liu Shishi is also very good at using micro volume to increase a playful sense, Alice Alice more lovely. Queen Fan Bingbing, when the hair is not like this bend, a roll of cheap human hair wigs tail lazy and charming.

The latest fashion human hair wig style perm all-match farewell monotonous

The new era today, beautiful people, you and I are just how to play, the hair can highlight your charm? For you recommend several new style perm, fashion beautiful fan street. Beautiful young girls, do you know how to take care of the hair good-looking? Deep coffee color the long hair perm, take care of a thin air bangs double Ponytail Hair Tie hair, sweet smile, sweet girl style fashion highlights. The hair has been unable to meet the strict in demands, sister paper are the pursuit of fashion, and the red brown fluffy side edge human hair wig, wear white face, lazy sweet two not mistake.


A lavender color coat collocation, light coloured dress, and maroon curly perm hair micro system, natural hanging down, fashion aesthetic goddess fan full. This is a very suitable for left shoulder shoulder length hair cool mushroom inner buckle human hair wig, full of thin air dew clearing bangs. Sweet and pleasant smile, are fresh and repair face.


An eye-catching red shirt, the collocation of perm human hair wig partial curly wigs fluffy, blocking part of the cheek, can be modified face good, lazy and charming. Want to always maintain the enduring charm, light Yan value is not enough, it also needs the hair, the forehead shawl perm lotion hair, a collocation bralet, showing sexy business line, let you not suction eye is difficult.


Who says girls want to have hair perm to highlight the fashion sense, this no bangs loose curl hair, white face collocation, lazy temperament. Fitness dress, outline the sister paper of good posture, collocation a natural black side micro curling human hair wig, with elegant a charming smile, charming temperament. The most eye-catching hair care how simple good-looking? Wash a maroon shawl in short hair, does other Weijuan perm, collocation a white delicate features, fresh yet charming temperament.

womens wigs wearing a long time, make it look impulsive impatient, how should we care?

Wig care:

1, before cleaning

To the wig before cleaning, the best first take care of it, making it more straight. Some can use special womens wigs  Shu (as far as possible not to use plastic comb, so as not to hang up the hair.) from the top down and gently comb, so the dirt in the wig in the dust dredging down, ensure it clean.

2, water temperature

When the temperature of the water to use womens wigs  are required, the water temperature is not too high, warm water is more appropriate (20 degrees is appropriate, but not higher than 25 degrees oh) or cold water. In order to better care of wigs, can be dissolved in water acidic. Some nursing liquid

3, soaking, cleaning

Let the womens wigs  in the water the best time for 10 minutes, so you can achieve a good cleaning effect. Then, you can gently rinse it, wash it with some shampoo, hair conditioner is better.

4, dry

After washing, the first drops of water in the wig off gently, then clean soft towel dry residual moisture. Methods for washed  womens wigs hair suggest not to use the hair dryer, high temperature wind blowing (if it is cold, you can), so as to avoid hair shedding. Finally, put it in the shade ventilated place, avoid sun exposure to high temperature damage it.

5, washing should not comb

It’s a good idea to comb the comb immediately after it has been cleaned, and it’s a good way to get rid of it

Not only to show thin temperament is the highest pursuit of hair men’s wigs

Round buns face girls when choosing hairstyle will choose more show thin face hair, today editor to tell you what to see in this world do yen value, has been far from enough! Want to show thin face is not difficult, the difficulty in the face I also have their own unique the charm and temperament style, well chosen as the buns face awl face down. Both long hair men’s wigs  curly hair straight hair, make appropriate pruning according to their face, thin face is actually very simple, and also how to create temperament? Come today to introduce these 8 buns face hairstyle.

men's wigs

This type of hair curling into a trace of electric wave, with a little messy fluffy light brings a sense of flying feeling, weakened the buns face sensuality is a hearty, personality and temperament are available. Close to the hair on both sides face narrow proportions of the face, the facial hair was cut into different length and bend to both sides volume, rich sense of hierarchy, novelty and cute. A soft power into the big wave curl, texture and 46 bangs copious and fluent, can lengthen facial proportions, fluffy curls men’s wigs people even more lovely atmosphere.

men's wigs1

This hair hang down feeling full, clear vertical lines on both sides of the both is actually visualcan narrowed the width of the face, the tail gently roll outward, bring mature intellectual charm for you. The straight hair men’s wigs hair gently inward, bright spot is the fringe part of 46 fringe length and cheek naturally, can play a slimming effect, make the hair light not cumbersome. Chocolate color sweet and romantic, vertical hair supple, can close down face contour, the tail slightly curled inward, sideways bangs with thick, give people a sweet feeling.

men's wigs2

Steamed face and pear head simply standard, inward bending of hair silk fluffy, put the Buddha in the vision will face inward, brown hair color and soft gentle feeling. This has long curly hair men’s wigs on the part of the vertical smooth, well close to the face face from cheek position narrowed type. Start electric abundance curling waves, can modify the cheek on both sides of the meat.

2017 most suitable for your short wigs for black women, beautiful incomparable

Short wave seems never retreat, it is because hair  short wigs for black women looks too good, this is not only not long after a lot of nice short hair weave, today you selected one of the several, for everyone to see, who quickly cut up hair control. The overall design is simple and short, but how it is very nice, with some hot dye will not feel the same, so the change of hair is a lot. Recently a pretty popular short hair style, hair control quickly look.


In the design, on both sides of the hair short wigs for black women close to the cheek modified face, create a clear face, hair tail trim level adds personality charm, on the whole fan but not hard to care. The eyebrow bangs a charismatic, short straight hair style is collocation of feel, in addition to brown Hair Coloring perfect, with simple fashion well, take care of the hair can be controlled, try it.


Single angel wings Liu Weijuan hair small collocation, a retro feel, collocation makeup is very temperament charm. The daily care mainly pay attention to catch hair. Peng eyebrow bangs broken collocation puff wave head shape repair Yan effect super good, temperament perfect, white-collar occupation or the student sister are suitable, and hair short wigs for black women perm is the amount of Peng rich, but also for the little girl’s hair, take care of the needs of their own time catch canopy.


Angel wings and bangs eyes can not only repair Yan, but also outstanding woman sparkling eyes and unique design on both sides of the hair curly hair radian, with perfect decoration exquisite cheek face, hair perm disrupted enhance sense of fashion. The eyebrow short bangs collocation buckle wave head, has a unique charm. In the fluffy curls short wigs for black women in the visual style and increase the amount of hair, eyebrow bangs with protruding brows eyes, let the girl seems to have a dynamic spirit.

This year’s hottest paula young wigs hairstyle is no doubt good-looking short hair

If the hair to make a summary of words, weave would only say that the hair is still the most fire paulayoungwigs hair, and next year will still fire, so today to give you a few nice short hair style, to anything you for you. A variety of short hair style variety, but now the woman have their own ideas, not necessarily know complex personality is beautiful, simple and fresh hair and beauty can be super super good, but the daily care is more simple and convenient, let’s look at these beautiful hair da.

paula young wigs

Thin oblique bangs collocation level short, simple good. Only through different gradient pruning, let the other looks more fluffy layering, paulayoungwigs hair micro volume to add other personality charm. The other is not only popular now, the new year does not seem that out. oblique Liu sea wave head micro hot design makes the other variable fluffy, not only increase the fashion degree, but also in the visual Xiu Yan face, short hair. Bob is Bang Bang Da design plus brown skin girl let Hair Coloring brighten a few degrees, let the girl change perfectly.

paula young wigs2

This hair is through different gradient design more personality charm, thin oblique bangs and temples not only repair Yan face lift role, also can let a woman looks like a woman. In the first wave modeling by using inner buckle withholding tail and oblique bangs modified face with, let the girl have instant face. And this short wave shape is the girl who try to short of choice, relatively simple and not too exaggerated, but not so hard to control.

paula young wigs11

In addition to Liu Haichu oblique modified face asymmetry, can also increase the sense of mystery girl, more personality charm, the top layer of the hair perm and slightly disrupted for other add fashion personality. Dark brown paulayoungwigs hair curly wigs design allows more atmosphere, red lips look collocation fried chicken powder lip charm. If collocation the makeup will become very fresh. So how could all-match the other woman does not love?

A simple and easy to understand-taylor swift wig

The cool weather, and shoulder hair become the most popular new hair instead of the clavicle and shoulder hair, just is in an awkward stage, like hair just beginning to stay a long time, but in a way to take care of very fashionable. Regardless of hair or taylor swift wig and shoulder clavicle, hot hair will buckle very good care, hair frizz and other more good-looking. In addition, buckle, such is adorable fried valgus perm, hair will be burned out “will not be pricked in the neck, when a hat is more harmonious, understanding literary temperament.

taylor swift wig1

Methods hair transition is the most simple with a small increase in Masson, based on a sense of fluffy taylor swift wig  more fashionable. Long hair, long hair when going into, the hair can be tied up in his hat, can also be used to make large partial modification with hairpin, are very practical to windy day or so, after the hair comb into reverse, French Twist plus card gives a very elegant feeling behind as full of highlights. Send hair plus a small hairpin, can create an elegant and feminine style.

taylor swift wig2

With the same can also help you to create a stylish, wide hair to bring people a very straightforward feeling. Simple intellectual shoulder curly hair, short hair design outline chic fashion, refreshing dew amount hair fashion outline very perfect, very temperament side curls. Hair, hair and face delicate temperament in the design outline of individuality and fashionable side, flaxen taylor swift wig  looked quite oval face and temperament in personality. Personality and fashion to create hair volume side, and hair design with long curly hair bend out of unique style.

taylor swift wig3

Quite a strong woman fan fashion long hair hair, using a gradient bend out of shape to look chic. Special character of a side of curly hair, and dark brown perfect bend out of fashion to create a sexy and chic fashion. A fashion design with long curly taylor swift wig hair the partial and ringletted perfect outline of fashion and personality on temperament, sense of stylish atmosphere. The waves sweet air bangs and long curly hair temperament outline chic fashion, fashion flaxen hair color is quite sexy, lazy fan full.