Actress are in the pursuit of lob cllip in human hair extensions you want to cut time

Although the lob head seems to be in the fashion world fire for a long time, but still continues to heat up, estimated 2016 magic fashion clip in human hair extensions hairstyle also has its position.Lob also attract a large number of women have sought, once missed the lob you, now cut time! Before we first cut in refer to the stars of the lob type!


Entertainment set off a wave of hot air clip in human hair extensions lob, many actresses have to put on a refreshing lob hairstyle. Ready to follow the trend of hot friends may wish to take a look at the actress as a model reference oh!Recently, the goddess Gao Yuanyuan also relaxed lob hairstyle to attend a variety of activities, the side of the black hair, simple atmosphere, exudes an elegant and charming woman, while highlighting the beauty of the temperament.

Some time ago I believe we are mainly to see the temperament “maxed out screen, and this is from Cyndi Wang. Sweet guru Cyndi Wang recently often to lob hair appearance, collocation of flaxen hair color, very suction Eye Repair Yan oh.Yang Mi earlier this year earlier has been to attend various activities lob hair supple hair, black collocation design side bangs, outline the gentle elegance temperament.


The Song Jia in the lob style is very simple and refreshing, with mature feeling. With the design side bangs natural ear clip in human hair extensionplug is put on her elegant temperament.Bai Baihe is also the hair cut more shorter, but this probably to the neck position lob hair collocation lovely air textured bangs, age effect is very good Oh, especially wearing black box glasses, a school in the air.