9 clip in human hair extensions hairstyle to make your face looks thin 10 weight!

When you hesitate between long hair and short hair, a more professional hairdresser will recommend choosing a long hair, because clip in human hair extensions hair can lengthen the face


The long angled  Bob head trimmed front behind the short long shape can make the face look smaller, the clip in human hair extensions, the hair on the sides can be elongated face. Mizuhara Kiko figure like this one, is one of the popular hairstyle many girls imitate.The neat thick bangs will make the face look more round, experts recommend Liu Qi is the best and the level of long hair like collocation. Now one of the most popular air bangs, if you want to cut thin bangs, so attention should be paid to the middle short on both sides, so as to achieve a face lift effect.


In accordance with the face cut out of the level can balance the amount of hair, so as to play the role of elongated face. Especially in the clip in human hair extensions hair, length on the chin, you can emphasize the curvature of the jaw, so that the face looks longer and smallerJust leave the hair around the face will make the face look smaller, even if you leave the ponytail, as long as several strands of hair is out of work.


The female star of the red carpet clip in human hair extensions hair, of course in life can be used, such as Fan Ye high bun increased the length of the face, and make the attention.Straight hair makes the head looks smaller, but the face looks wider. Similarly, experts suggest avoiding small curls, you need a fluffy long curly hair, does not close to the face, and can be modified face.